BCI donations (late posting, was done ages ago!)

Completely forgot to upload this. I'm not good at blogging!  I will attempt to do better in 2018. As I'm prepping the spreadsheet to see how much to send to Breast Cancer International again, I realised I hadn't posted the other donation last year!  So here it is.. This makes a total of £225.59 donated, with Gift Aid, it adds up to £281.99. Thanks to all of you who bought Holmsey Hare  - you are stars, and he is gorgeous!

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Dr Who experience

Most people who know me will agree I'm a bit of a nerd.. I like spreadsheets, I like computers, I like gaming.. and I do like Dr Who amongst other geeky things. Thankfully my husband is also fairly geeky, and my son & daughter who will not be outdone by their mum, and are turning into bigger geeks than I am. My lovely younger sister Verity got married in March and she happens to live (and got married) in Cardiff. So of course, whilst we were there, it'd be almost RUDE not to go and visit the Dr Who experience.…

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Socks, socks, socks

I'm a crafting addict. I admit it! I have knitted since I was 5 years old, and have a yarn stash that could probably be an excellent start to a yarn shop, but I am not great at parting with it (it's so squishy, and strokable, and pretty to look at). There's a limit to how many jumpers you want to have in your drawers. Yes, ok, I live in Scotland, and jumpers are always useful, but they also take a long time to knit. Shawls are fun to knit (or crochet - I do that too - I'm bi-stitchual!)…

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Tiger Experience at Linton Zoo

I know it's nothing to do with cross-stitch, but I've always loved tigers. My husband also loves all big cats and so last Christmas, we bought ourselves a "Tiger Feeding Experience" at Linton Zoo, in Cambridgeshire, UK. We just completed it. I'm still on a high! We arrived at the zoo at midday, and were greeted and asked to fill out a health & safety form (including things like Next of Kin, just in case...) We were met by John and Kim at the coffee shop, and John took us on a tour around the big cat enclosures. He was…

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