Paine Free Crafts 2020 SAL

Paine Free Crafts 2020 SAL

A SAL (Stitch-a-long) is a project that we all stitch at the same time, encouraging one another along the way. They can be mystery, partial mystery, or fully known.

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The Paine Free Crafts 2020 SAL is rather different to our usual chart offerings.

What it ISN’T
It isn’t full coverage.
It isn’t going to be released as a single chart
It ISN’T just one picture.

What it IS
It has fractional (half, quarter, and 3/4 stitch) stitches.
And backstitch.
It is based on a specific artists artwork.
It’s a whole bunch of smaller designs, that go together as well as being very stitchable on their own.

The border is optional, but will help you place the pieces as we have designed them. We’d recommend stitching the border as you complete the other pieces, rather than all at the beginning, as the border is a simpler design with no backstitch or fractional stitches, so it makes a nice break in between the more complex parts.

So.. on to the details…

There will be 27 different charts. The first (the border) will be released in December 2019. The plan is for the others to be released every 2 weeks, so the SAL will last until December 2020.

We recommend 28 or 32 count evenweave, stitching with 2 strands of floss, over 2 strands on the fabric, simply because of all the fractional stitches. This makes the design effectively 14 or 16 count. Backstitch in 1 strand (or two if you prefer a bolder look).

It has 150 colours in. But not all colours are used in all pieces, so it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds. Plus as it’s not a full coverage design where every tiny shade shift matters, you can substitute colours that you have in your stash and use those instead of the ones listed in the pattern. Think of the floss list as more of a guide to colours used.

We’ll release a full floss list in December.

For the border, you’ll only need 6 colours – these are (DMC colours):
505 (8 skeins)
702 (1 skein)
704 (1 skein)
742 (6 skeins)
772 (1 skein)
3866 (6 skeins)

The size is: 311 (width) x 407 (height) stitches.

This means you need fabric (including a 3 inch border on all sides) of size:
on 28 count: 29″ x 36″
on 32 count: 26″ x 32″

We recommend plain fabric, or Easy Count fabric, or if you adore hand dyed fabric, perhaps a pale parchment look would be appropriate…

You can join the SAL at any time while it’s still going on, and get access to all the charts already released, and those still to come. When the SAL finishes, the charts will be available only as the individual charts.

Enough already, what is the theme?

With 26 parts… it’s an alphabet!
The artist is Stanley Morrison.
The theme is “Mythical and Legendary Creatures”

If you want to fully enjoy the SAL, may we suggest you don’t go looking for it, or you won’t have the thrill of seeing each piece develop in stitch! The artwork is fully licenced with the artist, as all our charts are.


Nope, it’s not free. We have artists commissions to pay.

However it’s only £13 for the whole thing. One fee, and you get 27 charts. Let’s call it 50p a chart with a freebie border. Doesn’t sound expensive now, does it?

here’s the kicker. 3-4 months after each part is released, we’ll be releasing it as an individual chart for sale – it’ll be £3 for *each* piece. That’s still low, but think of all that you’ve saved by joining the SAL.

Where do you sign up, and how will it work?

We’ll post a link to the “Join SAL” product in the next week or so. Put it in your cart, check out as normal. You will get an order confirmation but you will NOT get a chart at this moment.

Each time there’s a new part released, you should get an email telling you it’s ready. If you don’t get the email, don’t fret, just check the website to see if it’s there when you expect it to be.

Go to the website, by clicking on the email link or looking for the SAL category, add the new part to your basket and check out. You won’t be charged if you’re on the SAL, as there’s a bit of magic going on behind the scenes with discount codes!

Can I get a kit for the SAL?

*we stopped making SAL kits at the end of June*

We’re offering 32 count and 28 count (both in Zweigart Easy Count fabric) kits. You’ll still get the pdfs, but you’ll get all the threads (presorted), needles, and fabric, and all the other goodies you have come to expect with a PFC kit!

Timescale… depends on demand, but I hope we’ll get them out in our usual timescale (please allow up to 10 days to be made, then shipping times)