Marine Loup

From Marine Loup's Facebook page:

I've been drawing since I can remember.

First with traditional methods, graphite, charcoal, watercolors ... a few years ago I started using a process of mixmedia.
Designing my pieces by hand and doing the coloring digitally. I take inspiration from a lot of things it’s not a controlled or thought process. There are ideas that stick with me for a long time until became sketch and others quickly turn from abstract to a tangible visual image.
Japan is an old passion! And a big inspiration for my work. Some pieces start with a sound, a story, a feeling ...
For example “Madame Butterfly” began with Puccini's Opera (Madama Butterfly). “Yanone” with the story of Tomoe Gozen, a female samurai warrior (onna bugeisha) ... “Cherry blossom” with a poem ... Black koi with a simple word "Courage" .
Other pieces come to mind with a well defined visual image.

Throughout the process there are more complex and simpler pieces. Some very dense with black backgrounds where I play whit shadow and light and others with minimal color for maximum emotional impact and to let the lines speak for theme self, almost remembering tattoos, but always with a common link/theme that connects them.

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