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Bothy Threads celebrates 30 years of stitching in 2023 and they’ve come a long way since the early days of the original Bothy in Kate and John’s back garden…

Stitching had always been a lifelong hobby for Kate and when she simply ran out of kits she wanted to stitch, she decided to make her own. Kate began to ask artists whose work she liked if she could use their images as the basis for her new stitched designs. She has always enjoyed converting quirky and unique artwork into cross stitch, long stitch, and tapestry designs, and loves finding little beads and sequins to enhance the stitching.

Kate and John lead the business for over 20 years, building up a following of dedicated customers, artists and trade contacts who have supported the once little Bothy to become the company we are today. They now use the artwork of over 50 artists, as well as designing their own kits, and produce over 800 individual designs!

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