Socks, socks, socks

27th April 2017 By Sarah P 0

I’m a crafting addict. I admit it!

I have knitted since I was 5 years old, and have a yarn stash that could probably be an excellent start to a yarn shop, but I am not great at parting with it (it’s so squishy, and strokable, and pretty to look at).

There’s a limit to how many jumpers you want to have in your drawers. Yes, ok, I live in Scotland, and jumpers are always useful, but they also take a long time to knit. Shawls are fun to knit (or crochet – I do that too – I’m bi-stitchual!) but I don’t actually like wearing them.

But we all wear socks. And unless you’ve worn a pair of hand knitted socks, you have no idea what you are missing out on. They’re made to fit, they are so warm and comfy, and they put a spring in your step (well, they do for me anyway). I only tried knitting socks for the first time a couple of years ago, but enjoyed it..

and when one of my customers in a comment on Facebook mentioned something called “Sock Madness” I had to check it out.

Sock Madness is a speed sock knitting competition hosted on Ravelry. It consists of a qualifying round, and 7 further rounds of challenging patterns. Each round takes about 2 weeks. People are divided into teams, and you start off in a team of about 40 (if you qualify). Then only 32 from each team go through to the next round.. then 24 and so on until there’s one champion knitter left!

We’re up to round 4. Technically round 3 hasn’t finished yet (it only started what, 4 or 5 days ago, but our team has already filled the 24 spots for the next round, and yes, I’m in there..)

Here’s the socks so far:

Qualifer: Twisted Madness (modelled by my hubby, Simon!) – the blue thread shows a row count which we had to do a minimum of..











Round 1 :  Dropping Madness  (modelled sock is on my daughter’s foot).









Round 2:   Mod Madness  (originally meant for my son, but the colourwork around the leg was too tight, so Rowan ended up with another pair – lucky girl – I am going to make another one of this pattern for my son, on bigger needles so they’ll be a bit looser – and will be bright orange and black!).









and the recently finished Round 3.. Lambs and Chicks and Bunnies, oh my!
another colour work one – I’m getting more practiced anyway!