Stitchers Anon, Breast Cancer and Holmsey Hare

My friend Gaynor was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 5 years ago. Approaching her 5 year “all clear” she was sadly diagnosed with liver cancer (metastised breast cancer: breast cancer which has moved to the liver and bones). One of the things she wants to do for her grand daughter to remember her is to create a storybook full of the adventures that Holmsey (a Hare) and Fergus (a Deer) have been getting up to over the past few years.

They tell their tales to her, and she creates cross stitch charts, which are available from her very own Etsy shop – (Stitchers Anon) . Paula Hickman is the talented artist behind and is helping Gaynor’s dream become reality. I feel very privileged to be a part of this. Both Paula and I are donating all proceeds (that’s income after paypal/card costs and/or printing/kit costs) to from the sale of this chart or kit. Isn’t he gorgeous?


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