Stitching Retreat

This is a bit of a test to see if blog posts work well in the shop too 🙂 I’m a bit of a waffler, so bear with me!

I had the absolute privilege of being a stitcher on the Crafty Kitten Stitching Retreat this last weekend (5th/6th/7th June 2015) and had an amazing time.

I’ve met face to face people I considered good friends over the past few years on Facebook, met some new ones too! Drooled over some amazing WIPs (I really need to start a Chatelaine one of these days!), bought some new fabric (well, one must!), a chart and threads to go with it, and started a new WIP myself.

At the moment, I seem to be stitching other designer charts – this is I think mostly down to the fact I spend so long analysing pieces of art for their colour balance, tweaking them and then doing the whole conversion thing, that I don’t want to stitch them when I’m done, no matter how much I love the art.

So my current WIP (started at the retreat) is AAN‘s Foresta Magicka, stitched on a ltd edition fabric called “Retreat to the Country” by Crafty Kitten, and using 6 of Thread Pickerz amazing silks. I’ll post the colours when I’ve worked out what my missing two are – I bought them at the retreat so didn’t write down the colour names, but one is an amazing brown that goes from a reddish brown to a greenish one, and picks up all the other colours I’m using too. Perfect for the trunks of the trees.

This is what I managed to do at the retreat, but like all AAN charts, it’s working up really beautifully and quick, so I expect to have an update before too long!


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  1. Great idea of posting a blog! Loved reading it and brought back some more happy memories of the retreat. Love the colours you chose and looking forward to your next post.

  2. welcome to the world of blogging, look forward to seeing your posts!

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